Read Only Access Existing Orders is designed for HDMS Users who will need to view the electronic version of the order, perhaps to investigate claims or to get a clear picture for future service. Users will be shown where to find information, but not how to alter it. 

Read Only Access Patient Demographics is the perfect course for an HDMS User that will need to view Patient Demographics but is not responsible to update/change them. This will highlight the different areas in HDMS where patient information can be found. 

In Patient Documentation for Read Only Access users, we will walk through all of the different areas in HDMS where patient documentation is created and stored. Because we expect that Read Only Access users will need to find/view this information we will not provide tutorials on how to create documentation in this section. 

Products & Quantity on Hand for Read Only Access users will highlight the areas of HDMS where users should go to identify the retail cost of an item, confirm quantities available of that item, or view brand options. This course will not give instruction about how to create or alter those items.