The Product Quantity On Hand (QOH) Search tool in HDMS is a quick and easy feature to allow your CSR staff to work seamlessly with your Inventory. In this brief tutorial, we will look at how and why users would want to put this in their tool belt!

Another useful tool in inventory management, all users can walk through the Serial Number Summary search tool and review its purpose.

Entry level users will walk through how one would create a Purchase Order to purchase goods in HDMS. This is the first step in obtaining inventory in HDMS.

In INV104, beginners will learn how to receive inventory into HDMS stock.

Beginning users will learn how to properly move stock from one location to another.

In the continuation of the Inventory Series, novice users will review the process of creating bar coded labels for newly received stock.

Intermediate users will learn how to troubleshoot and correct errors that can happen during manual work in the Receiving process.

The 100 level Inventory Courses are recommended prior to beginning this course.

In this course, we will learn how to use the inventory maintenance tool that allows for assets to be adjusted out of stock/retired/or otherwise accounted for- in order to keep inventory counts accurate.

Step through the process of annual physical counts of your stock, and making the appropriate adjustments based one the count results.

Intermediate users will study the Maintenance Log tool, which will allow  your organization to track and perform maintenance on your inventory assets in accordance with manufacturer standards.