In this beginner Oxygen course, users will learn how to create delivery and pick up tickets for the management of oxygen cylinders in one easy step!

In this course we will review the specialized Product Table that is used only for oxygen products, and is separate from our standard Products & Services Table.

This course reviews a screen that is used to catalog and track the lot numbers of any given batch of oxygen. Logging the unique lot number for each tank/cylinder filled or received by your location is how safety protocols function in HDMS. This course is intended for EITHER clients that fill their own cylinders, or received filled tanks from an outside vendor.

This course should be viewed by users at operations that fill their own oxygen cylinders from a larger reservoir. This is the screen that manages those fill records and cylinder testing in HDMS.

This course is recommended for someone with administrative rights to the Corporations Setting Table. It will explain how to set up the oxygen rules that are used when the Cylinder Module is installed and will govern how Medicare Oxygen Rules are deployed in conjunction with Payer Type settings.